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Many experts criticize him.

We paid attention to this in Brussels, when we fought about money for the Polish health service. The Union indicated that there is a strange situation in which Poland some hospitals admit patients 24 hours a day, while others do not. We solve this problem, at least when it comes to accepting patients in a sudden emergency. Wards created lists of first choice, which in the region have an obligation to accept any patient brought in by ambulance. This unit can not send a patient whose team is bringing emergency medical services. So far, patients frequented sent back, especially when it came to cases of complicated and financially unprofitable.

The analysis shows that often acted as non-State, which had a contract with the fund – preferred to take only elective patients. We try to eliminate such cases. What do the National Health Fund, but if you happen to refuse? If the hospital is refusing to receive lower contract. Preference will be given institution fulfilling its obligations – they eg. In the first place will receive reimbursement for nadwykonania. The idea of ​​these solutions is clear: who willingly engaged in rescuing patients, can count on more.

We want to change the attitude of those providers who adhere to the principle: we only accept those patients who are profitable for us. It can not be like this. It has to stop paying. This will help put the health of our maps. Maps are cited as something that has to save the health system.

What can do? They clean up the system. It is very necessary. And also – this requires us Unia.zobacz also: Landscape after Arłukowiczu: Polish health declined in all possible rankings »The idea of ​​Justice on health: Elimination of NHF and benefits for everyone» Debate DGP: Act on public health opportunity for healthier residents of small the village »is terribly Union disciplines. And good.

EU giving money dictates. He has the right to do so. We managed to get up to 12 billion zł for the Polish health care, almost three times more than in the previous term. EU wants to know if the money will be used efficiently. To really do something for patients and for health care, you need to get to know the local needs. Once the map is created. Developing them adjust to EU requirements, Polish hospitals allowing the use of very high, negotiated by the current government grant.

What will change the map? They prevent something, what I call the syndrome of Kosovo petrol stations. There, on one street a few stations, and in other places there is not one. So begins here and look Polish health service. Several medical centers accumulated from one field next to each other, because the data treatment is cost-effective. And you need to look after the other throughout the country. Of course, this problem will help solve the new valuation prepared by the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and tariffs.

But maps are supposed to show what services and what kind of doctors are actually needed in the region. As for the indication of the local real needs, rather than increasing the number of benefits under the expectations of some establishments. There is also the other side of the coin: the National Health Fund will not only have to prepare plans for several years ahead, but also give opinions on new investments. Looking eg. On the map, consider the advisability of the construction of a geriatric center, because as predicted in the region will be needed. But it will not increase the provision of contracts for which forecasts indicate that it will reduce the demand is there. Who will prepare the maps?

They will be the final result of the analytical work carried out by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund. Provincial governors will be offered maps and will be able to apply some amendments. After the plan was that it took them to prepare local governments. But it is known that all operators in the region will compete to be on the list. Therefore, to avoid sharp conflicts, the first map will be prepared centrally. But the government will get the opportunity to introduce some corrections.

The regions have a better knowledge about their own needs. This regional fund units have the most data. Local governments will naturally complement them. I guarantee that it would not disturb the whole concept maps. Today, many people are looking at maps from the perspective of the commercial. The attractiveness of this theme stems from the fact that it is about money. To make sure the funding, you need to find on the map.

In addition, the EU offers funds to those who find them and get a contract. Already at the first preparations we realized that different institutions want to affect their shape. Now the database that shows where and what should be treatment centers. The problem is that everyone wants to throw something to her. How many such maps is already finished?

See also: The need for 15 new radiotherapy centers »Grants from the EU in the dark. Hospitals napracują without certainty that they will get the money »Polish health service without EU support? “In November, we’re done cardiology and oncology maps for all provinces. But at the same time we head further. In October will be a meeting of national consultants and they will work on new maps in their specialties. In psychiatry the work already started. The maps are the basis for contracting. And the next will begin in June 2016., All maps must be ready by the end of March.

They also indicate the effectiveness of treatment. Yet this can not be done. But the effectiveness depends on the quality, the meter – in the form of evaluation of the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction – introducing the first time since October 2015. Quality Monitoring Center in Krakow prepared a special questionnaire with 40 questions. Any patient treated in the facility will be able to fill in the questionnaire.

Each patient will have to do? No. The one who wants who wants to have a real impact on the functioning of the health service. NHF check what percentage of the patients filled the questionnaire. If a majority of patients it does, the Director may obtain a realistic assessment of the work of his clinic. Survey results will be hung on the hospital?

It will depend on its director. Survey results will certainly be taken into account when contracting. The directors will be a reliable indication of which areas need to improve patient care. Another issue in addition to the map is a package of oncology. Many experts criticize him.

Directors of hospitals that have implemented it, say they are making losses. We analyze it. We set up a team that studied all areas. Changes are made, even in the method of filling a green card allowing cancer patient, or rather the patient suspected of having the disease, the use of fast-track treatment. The changes will be in pediatric oncology, hematology, for the treatment of lung cancer. This does not change the fact that the rules have been changed mainly taking the test. In turn, the pot of money is not really increased.

One purpose of the package was to shift much of the diagnostics performed earlier during hospitalization for daily treatment and for professionals. As a result, today, for the same money can be made more research. We have also increased spending on family doctors, who were the first to refer to the corresponding path of the patient with suspected cancer, and we added 300 million zł hospitals. Although some of them actually have a worse financial results. The analysis shows that do best non-public hospitals, and worse – multidisciplinary. Hospitals complain mainly that if the patient needs to be hospitalized, however, that the National Health Fund pays less for him than before.

To solve this problem, the fund pays for the stay of a patient in the hospital. This is good, while a cheaper alternative. It works? In Bydgoszcz and Gliwice works very well and had introduced such a model everywhere, there would be no problems. The idea is that the hostel was part of the hospital.

So that the patient be able to visit a doctor or nurse could examine it before bedtime. Ideally, the hospital had hotel accommodation. As for funding, in my opinion, should be greater flexibility: do not spend money on something, then I move them on where they are needed. With this is still a problem. Another issue is access to new cancer therapies. There is a proposal that is a kind of special fund for cancer drugs.

Expenditure on reimbursement of medicines represent 17 percent. NHF budget. It’s a lot. This year, for this purpose we will be allocated 250 million zł more than last year. The difficulty lies in deciding which specific drugs and at what price and refund should be made available to patients. Many doctors, who return from the international Congress, where they hear about something new, immediately announce that the drug should be introduced and refund.

But even in rich countries waiting for a year and a half with the introduction of the product on the market from the end of the study. We analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment by the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and tariffs. AOTMiT is facing a difficult task. An example is the proton therapy. It was introduced in Poland, they have three centers. One of them received 50 million zł for Therapies. But trouble appeared.

The researchers, not doctors, who work in these centers, they sent a request to the agency to assess the treatment and the introduction of this method over a hundred cancers. Yet according to current medical knowledge it is only a few types of cancer that can be treated in this way. Many therapies that AOTMiT valued positively, has not been adopted and made available to patients. Because disagreed ministry. Because of the cost. Imagine that you come to me with her daughter and I positively appreciate that, for example.

Suit for 2 thousand. zł reliable, made in modern technology and will protect you from the cold and the child, and overheating. And there is a good chance that it is thanks to the autumn-winter season will not be suffered. The decision on whether to finance such a purchase for her daughter, it must be to you. The same agency evaluates whether the therapy is safe, effective, and is it worth it to enter. But this resort decision.

It must take into consideration the amount of costs and consequences of such a decision for the possible treatment of other patients. After all, it has to decide AOTMiT. No. It has to recommend and present an economic analysis. Decisions are taken by the minister. – I would not use the word “sell”, but the bill was written by people who have no idea about how the Polish market for electricity consumption – upsets Stefan Kamiński from the National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. Submitted a draft law on audiovisual contribution introduces a simple relationship: the link does not charge audiovisual receivers radio and television, but the number of points of energy consumption.

This means that the amount of 12-15 zł per month (rate has not yet been determined) would have to pay each final customer of electricity, no television or not. While in the case of natural persons provided for certain exceptions and exemptions (applicable to all existing subscription relief for seniors or disabled), then for any business no wicket. – The project was written from the point of view of the ordinary Kowalski, the owner of the property. And what about the entrepreneurs who – as in the case of telecoms – they have a whole network of base stations equipped with separate counters? – asks Kaminski. “This formula seems unjustified and punishing entrepreneurs providing services called. public purpose, eg. transmission entrepreneurs “- says Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT) .See also: draft media law: National Media Council and universal premium audiovisual» Modern: Law and Justice Project is an attempt vulgar impact on the public media “For them, the cost of the fee audiovisual reach sky-high proportions. Specific calculation gives the National Board of Ethernet communication (KIKE). A small local telecom operator, instructor giving credits to small and medium-sized enterprises, which provides telecommunication services to several thousand subscribers, and uses 300 power connections would be required to pay a premium in the amount of 4500 zł per month.

For larger players load can reach up to several hundred thousand dollars per year. In letters to the Deputy Minister of Culture Krzysztof Czabańskiego KIKE proposes that companies that make use of current only in order to maintain transmission facilities, exempt from the obligation to pay the premium. And it is not the only one. Resort got such letters, not only from the telecoms. Equipped with its own counters are not only mentioned mobile telephone base stations, but on highways and gates, speed cameras, and even lanterns, ATMs or billboards. – The problem concerns many sectors: energy, telecommunications and railways – Margaret tells us Krajewska Orange.

PKP Polish Railway Lines across the country have as many as 16 thousand. counters. Considering that since each would have to pay 15 zł per month premium, it would take a year’s total of 2.9 million zł. Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction did not attempt to estimate the cost of introducing a new model of financing public media. Ministry admitted that he did not participate in the arrangements of the project. But PLK occurred in their own name for changes in the law.

Most of our interviewees haunted further consequences. The load due to the mandatory contributions of audiovisual has lead to higher prices of services. “In addition, in a certain perspective, this approach may also limit the development of new technologies, eg. Intelligent home appliances, the Internet pay someone to do homework for me of things, which can be equipped with separate electricity meters,” – writes in a statement PCITT. Experts point out that the project conflicts with the EU directive on measures aimed at reducing the costs of high-speed electronic communications network, where it is indicated that the conducted policy must lead to lower costs to provide broadband access across the Union, including through appropriate planning and coordination and reducing administrative burdens. Doubt is more. Outcry after the publication of the bill raised allotment.

While the owners of family allotments do not have to worry that pay double the premium, those who have a private plot of land outside the city, so already. Like the owners of more than one apartment. – If the current draft law on audiovisual contribution will come into force as law, in my case I have to pay the premium audiovisual garage – complains Golebiewski Krzysztof from Poznan. With the project shows that the dual contribution will not pay the holders of a barn or garage with a separate meter, but with the proviso that an additional point of intake is in the same locality, and in administratively divided into districts – in the same dzielnicy.zobacz also National Media encourage the subscription.