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These days, she’s concentrating on her professional yoga career. In fact, we caught up together with her immediately after an intensive yoga session at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA. We asked Bibi how she became one of several top guitarists today, as well as an experienced yogi and Beyonce’s collaborator.

Just want I want. Advice from an from touch, older white man who runs an archaic organization that has little relevance in the present music business. I’ve been inside urban record companies (successfully) for 26 a number of I’ve NEVER attended the Grammys and even watched them on TV. I don’t care what this person, or NARAS thinks. They are completely irrelevant in urban music even when their voting base has finally discovered black music.

These are not Facts. Since you have no idea exactly what the word fact means, here it is: facts are goods that are known to exit (definition from Oxford Dictionary). The known FACTS are: Michael Jackson has written a huge selection of songs for us to relish and to inspire us to create the world a greater place. Read Michael s music to find out yourself, and it’ll definitely can you much good in life.

It s funny in my opinion how little all of you know of the specifics of a signing and what went into this deal specifically. You can talk all you want about records destroying music, but sitting from an outsiders perspecting (which every single one of you’re) and trolling comments regarding how he could be a sellout is indeed sad in my experience. All the haters talk a BIG game but don t hold the drive or talent to get where Peter is. I could not become unattainable with a label, EVER. Well I am 100% sure the label wouldn t perhaps you have because you are Awolnation tour talentless and have nothing easier to do than to access it these forums and hate on stuff you have no knowledge about.

The 3M is the court s judgment against Aurous but money will never change hands. As part of the settlement, Aurous, the business, must accept dissolve and liquidate its assets to pay for the judgment. The truth, however, is that the Aurous only assets were its infringing code ($0 value) and it is domain. They handed the domain to the RIAA. The little prick who setup the service skates away. Game over.