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7 Best Payroll Software for 2019

7 Best Payroll Software for 2019

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The product was designed to help you save the time spent on difficult number crunching, and to automate and streamline the accounting process. What’s the difference between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online? QuickBooks is Intuit’s general accounting software, while QuickBooks Online (QBO) is specifically the cloud-based service. For QBO, you pay a monthly subscription rather than an upfront fee, and you get all the patches and software updates from Intuit.

In this article, we’ll mostly refer to QuickBooks Online (which is what we think you’ll likely opt for instead of Intuit’s desktop version of QuickBooks). QuickBooks Online, the market-leading accounting software from Intuit, offers “Smarter business tools for the world’s hardest workers”. With their cloud-based system, businesses can automate much of their repetitive tasks and processes by tracking projects, managing bills, and even tracking miles automatically with a smartphone.

Your team relies on you, so you need accounting software that lets you focus your attention on what matters most. With FreshBooks, you’ll save valuable time that you can spend wowing your clients and growing your business.

SlickPie is an online accounting software program that is tailored for smaller businesses. The software is completely online, making it accessible from almost anywhere. It offers online invoices, allowing the user to either use one of the pre-set themes or offering a program that allows users to customize the look of their invoices. Along with online invoicing, the program offers online billing and document management. Through SlickPie, users can produce financial reports to monitor business growth.


All four RUN plans take care of full-service payroll basics like direct deposit, automatic payroll tax filing, and W-2 submissions. Even the cheapest plan, Essential Payroll, includes HR perks like employee onboarding, health care compliance forms, and a regular HR checkup. Gusto is a comprehensive, intuitive payroll service with plenty of impressive HR extras. Fortunately, several payroll software providers can help you do the work at a fraction of the traditional bookkeeping cost.

Otherwise, the payroll software can keep track of leave programs and accruals, but you’ll need to manage time-off requests and tracking manually. ADP RUN is the top brand in payroll processing software and services, albeit not at the https://www.bookstime.com/articles/freshbooks best price point. If you’re looking to work with ADP based on its industry name, you can contact its sales team from ADPs website. The ADP RUN user reviews we found had positive comments about the system and its payroll features.

These latest updates have improved the software by leaps and bounds and made it a viable accounting option for small businesses. FreshBooks has always had incredible customer service, an easy to use interface, and a lot of positive feedback from customers, but until very recently, it wasn’t true accounting software. Despite branding itself as a “cloud accounting” solution, FreshBooks was always glorified invoicing software with a few bookkeeping tools tossed in. In November 2018, however, the software embraced double-entry accounting techniques and key accounting features like bank reconciliation, journal entries, and reporting.


It interfaces with timekeeping systems as well as with benefits providers and banks. You freshbooks review can also output a generic file for use when sharing data with third-party providers.

For example, since our last review, the company added a designated Reports tab to make the software easier to use. As cloud-based software, FreshBooks is compatible with nearly any device so long as you have an internet connection. FreshBooks also offers a mobile app for iOS (11+) called FreshBooks Cloud Accounting and a mobile app for Androids (4.2+) called FreshBooks — Invoice+Accounting.

One representative said the company can only reactivate previous classic accounts, while another said a special request can be made to give new users access to the classic version. If you’re new to Freshbooks and you’d prefer the classic plan over the new plan, be sure to give customer service a call to see what they can do. As we mentioned earlier, existing FreshBooks users have complete access to their FreshBooks Classic accounts and the features that come with it. It is worth noting that the company’s focus has shifted to the newer product, so existing users should expect a decrease (or complete stop) of updates to the classic software.

The program offers accounts payable and accounts receivable services, bank reconciliation, and cash management. Users can also bill and invoice directly to customers through online services. Payroll and employee management is another feature of the program and is widely used by smaller and mid-sized businesses. For that matter, even QuickBooks Online offers more users at a lower rate than FreshBooks. With the recent addition of double-entry accounting, I finally feel confident recommending FreshBooks as an accounting solution.

  • It doesn’t provide a list of software integrations or vendor partners online.
  • FreshBooks has an A+ rating on BBB and receives 4.5/5 stars on GetApp (based on over 2,800 reviews), 4.6 stars on G2 Crowd (based on 241 reviews), and 8.4/10 stars on TrustRadius (based on 130 reviews).
  • Intacct is used by companies in a wide range of industries including education, healthcare, hospitality, franchises, software, retail, wholesale, and professional services.
  • In addition, Gusto has a built-in interface to free time and attendance software, Homebase.
  • And while most of the software options we’ve listed include a report or two, Paychex Flex blows everyone else out of the water by offering a whopping 160+ reports with its payroll and HR packages.
  • FreshBooks is simple and intuitive, so you’ll spend less time on paperwork and wow your clients with how professional your invoices look.


I’m sorry to hear about the frustrating experiences that you’ve had, but I’m happy to provide some clarity. I’m not quite clear on the details of the payment issue you mentioned, but the new FreshBooks does have the ability to search Items, making them easy to manage. You can also accept multiple payments towards an invoice, either through a requested deposit or by setting up a Payment Schedule.

If you want to add direct deposit instead of printing payroll checks for your employees, that’s another $12.50 per month. That means the most you’ll ever pay with Payroll4Free.com is $25 per month. That’s more expensive than Patriot at $10 per month but less than Gusto at $45. For an additional fee of $5 per month, you can add time-tracking features to replace your existing time clock. That’s compared to free Homebase timekeeping software you can use with Gusto.

What Users Think of ADP RUN

Health benefits are now available in 24 states, and the company aims to expand nationwide as quickly as possible. Gusto has several handy features that are designed to make payroll easier for you. Once your initial setup is complete, you can automate your payroll so that salaried employees receive their paychecks at regular intervals via direct deposit without any additional work on your end.

In the last year, Xero has had some complaints about its customer support in reviews on platforms like Capterra. Pressure will be put on Xero to step up its support and best compete against players like QuickBooks Online. This comes with much more functionality than Xero’s cheapest plan, including all the basics of tracking income and expenses, capturing and organizing receipts, invoicing and accepting payments. The main limitation of QBO’s Simple Start plan is access for only one user.

Since then, over 24 million people have used FreshBooks to save time billing, and collect billions of dollars. A lover of the outdoors, Mike has been bitten so many times it’s rumoured he’s the first human to have developed immunity to mosquitoes. The FreshBooks mobile app allows you to remain in touch with your customers and team members and manage your accounting and project concerns anytime, anywhere. You can practically do all FreshBooks functionalities with its robust mobile app.

You can filter your report data by year pay period or employee. In addition, report data can be printed or exported to Excel. ADP is best if you need custom features and reporting and don’t mind paying extra money.


That means those businesses in the service and retail industry that run weekly payrolls will pay two to four times more with ADP than office-type businesses that pay semi-monthly or monthly. ADP provides customer support online by submitting a request and by phone as well as FAQs that answer most payroll administrator and employee questions.

On top of its $10 price, Patriot Software offers super affordable add-ons, including HR assistance for $4 per month and time and attendance tracking for $5 per month. If you want the full-service option, the cost bumps up to a $30 base price, which still makes Patriot Payroll one of our cheapest recommendations. Unfortunately, SurePayroll charges extra for services most payroll companies include at no extra cost, including accounting software integration. The integration fee is just an extra $4 a month, but it’s an odd thing to charge for. Wave is among our top picks for best accounting software and best accounting apps because it offers a fantastic range of accounting services while being absolutely free.

If you want access to their Gusto full-service payroll (available across all 50 states for U.S. customers), pricing starts at $39/month base + $6/month per person. Their mid-price plan (Growing) will fit most small businesses. You can send invoices and quotes, enter bills, and reconcile bank transactions for $30/month. Xero’s most basic plan (Early) comes at $9/month, but you’re very limited with the feature set. You can only send 5 invoices and quotes, enter 5 bills, and reconcile 2 bank transactions.

Below are 5 of the more popular easy-to-use programs in the small business realm, and each offer their own special features for various needs. It definitely hits a pain point of a lot of startups and small businesses when they are trying to figure out the best accounting software for their company. After choosing QuickBooks, having a walk through the intricacies was important and extremely helpful. Sage is primarily a project management tool that offers a few basic bookkeeping features – including expense tracking and invoice reporting.